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Prostate Cancer Materials for Those with Advancing Disease

This kit was created to address the increasing number of requests for information specific to advancing disease. Most men with advancing disease have been managing their prostate cancer for some time and are familiar with the basic information surrounding the disease including anatomy, initial treatment options, and side effects from those treatments. Therefore, the material in this kit is focused on providing you with accurate, unbiased information that’s most relevant and most useful to help you make the best decisions for effectively managing your advancing prostate cancer.

4 Page Guide


Empower - new advanced brochure cover
Advanced Prostate Cancer
Disease Summary
Principles for Managing
Advanced Prostate Cancer
Empower Yourself 
With Knowledge


Item Summaries

Advanced Patient Resources

The Prostate
Cancer  Playbook

What Now?
What Now?
(Content can be accessed digitally: not available in print.)

Signposts Along the
Pathway of Prostate Cancer

Hormone Therapy
Prostate Cancer Patient's 
Guide to Hormone

Bone Health Brochure Cover 1-29-14

Bone Health in Focus

Better Bone Health
What you Need to Know 
 Better Bone Health Booklet


Recovery Guide
The Prostate Cancer Recovery Guide

In Control ContinenceIn Control: The Facts About 
Male Urinary Incontinence


Partner Brochure - Prostate Cancer
What You Need to Know About Your Partner's Prostate Cancer

Living With Prostate Cancer
Living with Prostate Cancer

(hard copy only)


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Prostate Cancer Materials for Those with Advancing Disease

Resources for Advanced Patients


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