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Bob Boyd - In Memoriam Us TOO Flint - Michigan

Bob BoydThe ENTIRE Flint Michigan Chapter has enthusiastically nominated Bob Boyd for the Ed Kaps Award. “Bob epitomized the qualities this award recognizes”, shares Reg Tidball, current Chapter Leader.

Bob lead the chapter for ten years, calling potential meeting attendees, selecting speakers, organizing the meeting place, selecting and displaying materials, and established a governing board of cancer survivors. Bob had personally counseled hundreds of men and their spouses, and from the beginning encouraged them in their fight against prostate. He had always felt the most effective approach for our support groups is to be survivor led, and it continues to be as he developed and trained leaders from within the group.

As a dedicated leader, Bob obtained speakers from many and varied disciplines, obtained educational materials for attendees, warmly welcomed newcomers, participated in community PCa screenings and local Health Fairs, helped organize other Us TOO chapters, spoke of his own continued fight with prostate cancer to our group and others and was a Board member of the prostate Cancer Coalition of Michigan.

Bob and his very supportive wife, Pat, had seen growth of their chapter to monthly meeting average attendance of 45. More important, there have been hundreds of men and their families who have benefitted from Bob’s background as an educator and his dedication to educating others and giving them hope in the fight against prostate cancer.

We are saddened to hear that Bob lost his battle with prostate in August this year, but through it all, he remained positive and upbeat, preferring to talk about others and their challenges rather than his own.

Bob and his wife Pat were much loved and respected by all those who have come to know them through Us TOO and their leadership in the community. All of the members of the Us TOO Chapter in the Flint Michigan are so very appreciative of their contribution.

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Johnny Payne - Us TOO Greenvill - South Carolina

Johnny Payne“Since Johnny was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002, he has discovered his advocation and realized his reason for being”, shares George Lloyd member of the Us TOO Greenville chapter.

After successful treatment and recovery of his prostate cancer, he decided to educate other men about the risk and dangers of the disease. Johnny says “ Not only was being diagnosed a wake-up call, but more importantly, it revealed to me how ill informed I was of the disease and the devastating effect it has on men. I had no idea that black men were at such a higher risk of getting prostate cancer than any other ethnicity.” It was then that Johnny decided to learn all he could about prostate cancer and has made it his lifes mission to share what he has learned with other men and their families, and to promote awareness about it in his community.

Johnny is a tireless advocate for Prostate Cancer Support, Education and Awareness. Through his efforts to partner with local organizations such as The Greenville Hospital System, St. Francis Hospital System, South Carolina Cancer Alliance, local churches and other community organizations, it has enabled the surrounding communities to provide resources for education, awareness, support and screenings. As a result, the Us TOO Greenville Chapter hosts an annual men’s forum and partners in providing free screenings in multiple locations twice a year for the past several years.

Johnny is very well-known within the community and is called on frequently to speak, and appear on various local radio and TV shows abut prostate cancer. He was recognized last year by WJMZ radio as a local Black History Maker for his work, is a member of the South Carolina Cancer Alliance Prostate Cancer Work Group and founder of the Upstate Prostate Cancer Alliance. He has also been profiled several times in the news for his outstanding efforts as a volunteer.

Johnny leads by example and the community is very appreciative of his personal efforts and chapter’s efforts. He is also readily available to share his experiences and travels to surrounding Us TOO chapters to give guidance whenever needed. The excitement, accomplishments and more importantly the overall increase in men participating in screening and education activities in Greenville and the surrounding areas, is a clear indication of the impact Johnny has had in his role of chapter leader the past seven years.

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Bill Stevens - Us TOO Lancaster - Ohio

Bill Stevens"What is the factor in all of us, that has our inner being cry out for understanding? What qualities does a person possess to satisfy and educate, so the pain of a crisis can be understood, and with the proven hope that pain can be lessened or cured? There must be a leader in everything, and there must be supporters of that leader. Happily, we as a group have gained that individual with the demeanor, and method of transferring honest concern to those men and women in need. It is that quality from a leader that is the keeper of HOPE. Some call this angelic, another word may be messenger. Our Angel and messenger who has been the inspiration to us all is Bill Stevens."

The above was written so eloquently by Keith Stought who is the co-leader of the Us TOO Lancaster Support Group.

After Bill had his treatment in 2005, he began looking for a support group in his area. After determining that there was not already a group, he decided to start one on his own. The group started out as 4 or 5 in 2005 and has grown to over 100 men and their partners.

“We have a solid core of scores of men and women who have been attending for years because of the dynamic meetings that Bill conducts” shares Bob Schewe, member of the group. Our Chapters reputation is growing in leaps and bounds due to Bill’s enthusiasm, empathy and diligence. Bill makes it a very special point to welcome and put new members at ease. He skillfully draws out their personal stories so others with similar case’s can relate and share their experiences and offer encouragement.

As a retired college professor, Bill is very much at ease in conducting meetings. He has a great sense of humor and as an amateur magician his occasional slight –of hand tricks bring many to chuckles!

The amount of time and energy Bill devotes to prostate cancer is boundless. He studies and screens endless emails from countless sources and forwards those which could be helpful to individuals in the group. Through Bills leadership, the support group is also involved in many health fairs, speaks at civic groups and has a booth at Relay for Life events every year.

“Dr. Bill Stevens is a dear friend to us, and we marvel at his intensity, his drive and his constant knowledge to all of us.

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Russ Gould - Us TOO Bill Blair - Illinois

Russ GouldUs TOO and Wellness Place are partners for the Chicago SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk, which has just finished its 5th Year. Through the funds that have been raised at this event, Wellness Place has been able to dramatically expand their services to put special emphasis on prostate cancer patients. This allows Us TOO to have access to a personal “counselor” to men who live in the Chicago area and beyond. Us TOO constantly refers men who are newly diagnosed or men who are dealing with advanced prostate cancer to Russ Gould. Russ is someone who we have come to depend on.

Professionally Russ Gould has been known as a “plastics master”—an engineer specializing in the many complexities of raw plastic materials. He has also been widely known as an “inventor”—having been responsible for over 130 patents in his career. Around Wellness Place he is known as the “prostate guy” and leads the 2008 initiative of the Wellness Place Prostate Cancer Resource Center and program. Through his guidance and leadership the prostate cancer population at Wellness Place has increased from 3%, to a whopping 27%...equal to that of breast cancer participants …within 2 years. This is no surprise since prostate cancer affects 1 in 6 men; vs breast cancer at 1 in 7. What is unusual is the methods and means Russ took to make all of this happen.

Russ Gould has lived with advanced prostate cancer for over 12 years. His treatment plan following radiation includes rigorous exercise – of all things, surfing and rollerblading - strict adherence to prostate and heart healthy diet (gave up his beloved red meat, says no to sugary desserts and drinks pomegranate juice and red wine faithfully), and a consistent regimen that has included hormone therapy, and supplements. “Russ is a walking, breathing, living example of the power of education, knowledge and medical science. Oh—and the power of taking control of your health whenever possible,” says LeAnne Atwood, Sr. Marketing Director from Wellness Place.

He has seen, met, and been examined by the best—from coast to coast, and isn’t afraid to pass the news along from a patient perspective to anyone who needs help. Russ is a Patient Advocate with the National Institute of Health Scientific Programs of Research Excellence, an international lecturer, past vice chair of the Us TOO Board of Directors, and current chapter leader of the Us TOO Bill Blair chapter in Illinois—one of the largest in the US.

Harvey Orlov, Steering Committee member of the Bill Blair chapter shares, “I have known Russ now for eight years. Because of his dedication and continuous hard work and total commitment to helping men and their families in their journey with prostate cancer, it has inspired me to get more involved with the group. I learned from Russ that each individual has a lot to offer, I wanted to help support his endeavors.”

Wellness Place co-founder Myrna Porter recalls, “When my husband Stu was diagnosed with prostate cancer his prognosis was extremely poor. We spent months and thousands of dollars traveling the country, seeing numerous specialists, to educate ourselves and find answers that would give us the best chance of survival. At the end of our search, we were left with many options but no consensus as to which treatment was best for Stu. I had no idea the best answers were in my own back yard, at the Bill Blair Chapter of Us TOO International lead by Russ Gould.”

Russ is a unique warrior using his experience and giving back to those who are starting their journey with prostate cancer, or seeking advice for those faced with reoccurrence of the disease. He is a role model, mentor, and dear friend. Russ has enhanced the lives of countless men and their families and is a hero to many in the prostate cancer community.

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Rex Zeiger - Us TOO Sun City - Arizona

Rex ZeigerRex was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1991, He underwent a radical prostatectomy in July of 1991. He spent eight days in the hospital three weeks with a catheter and 12 months of incontinence. During this time, he started his quest for information about prostate cancer. Dismayed at the lack of information available from libraries and other sources, including the American Cancer Society, he became extremely frustrated. One day his wife Ann came across a Chicago phone listing for a Prostate Cancer Support Group. That phone call put Rex on the path of what has become a journey of almost twenty years with Us TOO. In 1992 Rex met Ed Kaps. Ed asked Rex to help recruit others and spread the word about the organization into other communities throughout Arizona.

Rex became “Johnny Appleseed”, and chapters began sprouting in cities all across Arizona. Chapters were either started by him, or someone that he had mentored. Arizona currently has thirteen Us TOO Chapters.

Rex’s commitment to Us TOO lead him to his role as Regional Director for fifteen years and a member of the Us TOO Board of Directors from 1995 until 2001.

“To me, Rex Zeiger represents the fount of all wisdom regarding Prostate cancer” shares Bob Shelton of the Us TOO Goodyear, AZ Chapter. I came to know Rex after visiting the Sun City Chapter of Us TOO in 2002. He was such an inspiration to me and all of the other men that I decided to start my own chapter in Goodyear where I live a year later. Rex has been my mentor in every regard, just has he has been to so many men in the Arizona area. Rex participates in our Chapter meetings regularly, as he does in many others. Our men have come to know him as the one who will always have the right answers or advice.

Rex is indeed a man who doesn’t think of himself in any way- he is always focusing on helping another man. He has been instrumental in getting started many of the Arizona Chapters, and gives support to the leaders in every way imaginable.

Bud Fletcher, Ralph Valle, Ray Kamka all leaders of different groups in Arizona share, “The evolution of our chapters and the personal development of the aforementioned in their leadership roles is a testimony to the personal involvement of Rex Zeiger. His long and varied roles within the Us TOO organization has touched the lives of hundreds of men and women who have been confronted with the prospect of prostate cancer and its many ramifications.”

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