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February 6, 2012

Friends and Supporters of Us TOO,

Excited by Valentine’s Day? It is just around the corner, and Valentine’s Day has us thinking about the companions, partners, spouses and family members of those thousands of people battling prostate cancer. Formed in the fall of 2004, Us TOO's Companions and Families Advisory Panel has been finding ways to inform, acknowledge, and uplift family caregivers and companions and created the Circles of Love program.Circles of Love

In their mission statement they have declared: Us TOO is dedicated to the support and education for loved ones of prostate cancer patients, focusing on self care as well as patient care. Support and education will be provided through the Us TOO website, dedicated resource materials, social media, peer mentoring and special programs.

With the guidance and suggestions from this panel, we have created several resources that you and your loved ones may find useful:

  1. Intimacy & Prostate Cancer
  2. Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About It
  • Read a regular series of articles in Us TOO's Chapter NEWS newsletter:
  1. Our Journey with Prostate Cancer
  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to All Prostate Patients and Partners

Please honor your loved ones for Valentine's Day this year by making a donation to Us TOO so we continue to provide resources and actively seek opportunities to acknowledge, empower and support companions, partners, spouses and family members of men with prostate cancer. You can make a difference.

If your loved one has prostate cancer and you would like to share your story as a companion or family member, or to learn more about becoming active with Us TOO, please email Terri Likowski at


Thomas Kirk
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Tom Kirk

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