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January 27, 2012

Friends and Supporters of Us TOO,

I am so pleased that we are again in the home office with a group of our hardworking and energetic volunteers packaging and mailing out the HotSheet. They, like so many of you, give of their time and energy to keep information flowing in an affordable way. volunteers.jpgIt is their donated time, combined with the financial donations from so many, that are the key ingredients which keep the HotSheet coming…so thank you all very, very much.

We have selected an interesting assortment of articles in this February edition. Click to See HotSheetThere is an update on the survey work done by Jo-an Baldwin Peters on intimacy, as well as a notice on a new article written by Alan Wolkenstein which appears on My Prostate Cancer Roadmap. The Roadmap is a valuable tool to help address the issues of advanced disease and new articles are appearing regularly so stay abreast of the additions.

There is also an update on the changes and additions to the Us TOO website which I might add includes the recently released 2010 Annual Report on our 20th Anniversary year.Click to See Report It is a great report which reminds us of what a positive and productive year we had in 2010 and what great information was shared at the August symposium.  Don’t forget that you can find videos from many of the sessions on our website. We are beginning to work up the Annual Report for 2011 and I am pleased to say it was an exciting, rewarding and productive year as well.

I would also like to urge you to read the articles by our three contributing doctors again; they provide such important information each month. I am sure you would agree that these three docs are giving a great deal to us. Keep a heads up for news on the February 8th ODAC meeting where the panel will discuss denosumab or XGEVA in the non-metastaic, castration-resistant prostate cancer population at the FDA White Oak Campus in Silver Spring, MD. Let’s hope for a favorable recommendation from the panel and if you are in the area, a visit to the meeting might be a good idea. Although I cannot attend, we have sent some comments to share our support and express our interest.

And speaking of that area of the country, Kathy Meade Goulait is telling us she is seeking letters of support in Virginia from as many organizations as possible to be faxed to the office of Delegate Delores McQuinn who is sponsoring legislation to promote and emphasize prostate cancer screening as an effective tool in prostate cancer prevention. Fax to 804-698-6770 or the letter could also be sent via email to For the full wording of the bill, click here.

I cannot end this letter without mentioning the loss of Mike Jones from Austin. He was someone who fought long and hard and remains a hero in my mind. Thanks for all you do out there; do it for Mike and those you love and care about!! We have much more work to do. 


T. N. Kirk
President & CEO
Us TOO International
Downers Grove, IL 60655
Office: 630-795-1002
Toll Free: 800-808-7866

Tom Kirk


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