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The SEA Blue Prostate Cancer Walk/Run is on Sunday, September 18 in Lincoln Park….
Have you registered?
Funds raised benefit two area prostate cancer support and education organizations: Us TOO International and Wellness Place. The dollars raised produce FREE life changing programs for those facing a prostate cancer (PC) diagnosis.

How are the funds raised from the event used?
Twice a month Russ Gould leads Us TOO prostate cancer support chapters in Palatine and Glenview.  About 100 men meet to be educated on PC research and developments. They talk about navigating hormone treatments and exchange ideas on managing side effects such as incontinence and impotence…things too personal to discuss with family members and friends. Occasionally they laugh at jokes centered on PC, lightening what can become heavy moments. There are Us TOO chapters throughout Chicago and the U.S. helping men in the same way.

Why someone like Russ Gould?
Russ_Gould.jpgRuss is a recognized authority on all things prostate. He is a 13 year survivor of advanced prostate cancer. He’s been seen by the best of the best and has been asked to present world-wide from a patient perspective. He has led chapters for 12 years and educates other leaders so they can mentor their groups in a similar fashion. Most important? As a survivor he is living proof that even serious PC can be managed. He offers HOPE to the group and that, is priceless.

Wellness Place Palatine.jpgMost days, Russ can be found at Wellness Place in Palatine, where for the last four years he has managed their PC services. Men travel near and far to sit with him and discuss their challenges person-to-person, survivor-to-survivor.  Some are newly diagnosed or experiencing a recurrence and have been “nudged” through the doors by their wives, insisting they are “just fine”. Once there, the reluctant meeting routinely goes into a two hour deep discussion of what they’re going through, and how to manage the implications of a PC diagnosis. They talk about monitoring PSA’s and Gleason Scores, what to look for when numbers fall into dangerous ranges. Russ breaks down complicated medical jargon empowering them so they feel confident about the important treatment decisions they make concerning their future, and their lives.

Thousands have been helped by services at Us TOO and Wellness Place through funds raised at SEA Blue.

We need you.

Join our effort to raise awareness of prostate cancer and funds toward important programs that help to save lives!

Register Now!

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